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What makes a great speaker?

In the Spotlight: Diane Sieg
Diane SiegFrom the chaos of the emergency room to the calm of her yoga mat, inspirational speaker, author, certified yoga teacher, and life coach Diane Sieg shares truly life-saving strategies with your attendees, including how to take care of yourself, take charge of your life, and take daily action!

"You have the wonderful ability to engage the audience by being yourself... Your approach and delivery is refreshing. I can’t think of the last time a keynote made me feel both calm and energized versus receiving a quick 'gotta get ‘er done' jolt.” - Program Manager / Marketing Communications, Safeco

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Allan Karl
The "World Rider" inspires people to take chances, overcome fear, tackle obstacles, and smile — especially in the face of adversity
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Erik Wahl
Internationally recognized graffiti artist, author and entrepreneur shares "The Art of Vision" and redefines the term “keynote speaker”
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Carol Grace Anderson
"Get Fired Up" and grab the hearts and minds of your audience with an energizing, inspiring, and humorous look at life’s challenges
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Jeff Salz
One of world's leading adventurers and explorers helps your audience chart new paths through this time of challenge and transformation
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What do Inspirational Speakers do?

According to Wikipedia, an inspirational speaker is one who “address[es] audiences with the aim of inspiring the listeners to higher values or engendering understanding about life and themselves.”

Why bring an Inspirational Speaker to your meeting or event?

Professionals today are working more hours than ever, on average, and are under greater stress, resulting in burnout, depression, frustration, and other negative side effects. They find less time for their families and for themselves. Inspirational speakers bring a refreshing message of hope and encouragement, and can rejuvenate audience members, boosting morale and injecting optimism.

In addition, when a meeting, convention or conference agenda is packed with in-depth, sometimes technical, content, an inspirational speaker can provide a mental break to program participants, enliven their spirits, and allow them to better receive and internalize the vast amount of material the meeting organizer has prepared for them. Audience members will feel better, find greater value in the meeting program, and appreciate the meeting planner for their efforts.

Why work with The Speakers Group?

Shawn Ellis, Founder of The Speakers Group

Shawn Ellis, Founder of The Speakers Group

Called “a refreshing change from other speakers bureaus,” The Speakers Group is led by industry veteran, Shawn Ellis, who currently serves on the Board of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus and has been helping clients secure speakers for their events since 1999. Whereas some speakers bureaus represent thousands of speakers, The Speakers Group features fewer than 300 speakers, experts and thought leaders, all carefully selected based on their ability to deliver a dynamic, meaningful message, while also delivering outstanding service to our clients (i.e. no prima donnas allowed!).

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