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Are Leadership Speakers the same as Management Speakers?

Management and leadership, while often spoken of interchangeably, are not the same. Marcus Buckingham finds that good managers are united by a talent for being able to find and capitalize upon their employees’ unique traits. “The guiding principle is, ‘How can I take this person’s talent and turn it into performance?'” he says.

Buckingham states that the chief responsibility of a leader “is to rally people for a better future.” All strong leaders are optimistic at their core and have “a deep-seated belief that [they] should be at the helm, dragging everyone into that better future,” he continues.

Following this line of reasoning, leadership speakers share proven practices for casting a vision across and organization, and gaining the respect and confidence of their team to pursue and fulfill that vision.

Management speakers, on the other hand, are not as focused on the broad vision as they are on how managers can bring the best out of individual employees.

How do I select the best Leadership Speaker for my organization?

The first step, based on the information above, is to determine that you are indeed seeking a leadership speaker and not a management speaker. It is important to know your meeting objectives in order to then select a speaker who can help in accomplishing those objectives. (We’ll help you through this process at The Speakers Group.)

Given that leadership will ultimately define the personality of an organization, anytime you bring in an outside voice on leadership, it is critical that the leadership speaker be consistent with your organization’s mission and beliefs.

The speaker may introduce new ideas or practices to challenge your leaders in route to greater success, but the core values of the speaker’s message must complement or strengthen those of your organization — unless you have determined that the organization is in need of a shift in beliefs, in which case it is important that your selected leadership speaker moves the organization in that direction.

Another consideration in selecting a leadership speaker — as with any speaker — is to evaluate a speaker’s style and content and determine if he or she will be well received by your audience. Every audience has a personality the same as an individual does, and every personality has different tastes. There are many leadership speakers universally considered to be among the best, but some will be a better match for your group than others.

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