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How do you select the right Sales Speaker?

Every speaker featured above — and every speaker on our roster — has been carefully scouted and has a proven track record of success. Still, there are a number of factors you must take into consideration to determine which speaker will generate the best results with your sales force. (And of course this is where we can help!)

If morale is waning, then a motivational sales speaker who can re-ignite passion and purpose among the sales team may be the perfect solution to boost performance. It is important to determine the reason for the deficiency in morale, though, to determine what specific issues need to be addressed to remedy the situation.

If you determine that your sales force is lacking in the skills necessary to compete in today’s ever-changing marketplace, then an educational sales speaker who can share wisdom and insights for practical application may be most beneficial. (This type of presentation is also likely to boost morale.) A speaker with particular expertise in a given industry may yield even more positive results.

Another important consideration in selecting a sales speaker is whether your sales force engages in consultative sales or transactional sales. Scheduling a speaker with expertise in transactional sales to address a sales force that engages in consultative sales could have extremely adverse effects, and vice-versa if scheduling a consultative authority for a transactional sales force.

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Why work with The Speakers Group?

Shawn Ellis, Founder of The Speakers Group

Shawn Ellis

Called “a refreshing change from other speakers bureaus,” The Speakers Group isĀ led by industry veteran, Shawn Ellis, who currently serves on the Board of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus and has been helping clients secure speakers for their events since 1999. Whereas some speakers bureaus represent thousands of speakers, The Speakers Group features fewer than 300 speakers, experts and thought leaders, all carefully selected based on their ability to deliver a dynamic, meaningful message, while also delivering outstanding service to our clients (i.e. no prima donnas allowed!).

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