About The Speakers Group

The Speakers Group is your gateway to a selection of the world’s best speakers, experts and thought leaders — each unique, but each united by a mission to help people live better lives, build better businesses and create better events.

Motivational Speakers, Keynote Speakers, Thought Leaders, Experts

While some speakers bureaus feature more than 8,000 speakers on their roster, we feature fewer than 300. Sure, we have access to virtually any speaker available today, but we have chosen to align our efforts with this select group whom we believe in and support in getting their messages and their expertise to more people and more organizations — how could we confidently recommend any other speaker to you?


If you are looking for a speaker or expert who can equip you and your people with the strategies and tactics necessary to navigate today’s challenging business environment, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our roster with confidence, or better yet, contact us for a free consultation and once we understand your unique needs and objectives, we will guide you to the speaker who is best equipped to connect with your audience and deliver the desirable solution.

Our clients include meeting planners and executives from corporations, associations, healthcare institutions, universities and other organizations who value our expertise, friendliness and reliability in securing dynamic speakers for their most important meetings and conferences.

You can count on us for personalized solutions delivered in a friendly, courteous manner. From equipping you with the resources you need for your first committee meeting to making sure your speaker is in the right place at the right time on the day of your event, we’re here to make your life easier as you put together all the elements of a successful event.

We would be honored to help you find the perfect speaker and generate real ROI for your program.

Meet the Founder

Shawn Ellis, Founder of The Speakers GroupShawn Ellis never expected to find an outlet for his passion for personal and professional development in the meetings industry, but he did, and since 1999, he has enjoyed helping meeting planners and business leaders secure top speakers and thought leaders for their events.

After helping to lead a Nashville speakers bureau to become one of the 50 fastest growing privately owned businesses in Middle Tennessee, he set out to work with a smaller, select group of speakers in late 2003 and founded The Speakers Group.

Through the years, his clients have included Fortune 500 corporations, national trade associations, healthcare organizations, universities and a variety of other groups. He has earned a reputation as being a consistent, knowledgeable, trustworthy event partner and serves on the board of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus. (He received the President’s Award for his service in 2010.)

Shawn lives outside Nashville, Tennessee and enjoys spending time with his wife (Elizabeth), son (Brody) and dog (Lucy). He enjoys cycling and mountain biking, watching NFL football, and playing guitar and piano.